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It's not your typical kickboxing class.  Warriography will challenge your mind as well as your body.   In this class you will learn a choreographed sequence of punches, blocks, and kicks and even some old fashioned interval and plyometric exercises.  Don't let choreography frighten you anymore.  In this class you will leave feeling like a true warrior. 

Sculpt and Shred

This class is designed to strengthen and sculpt every muscle from head to toe. Ones you knew you had and ones you didn't.   If you are looking to shred some weight while toning and tightening, this class will get you there.  No fancy choreography, and no complicated movements.  This is just the basics amplified to challenge EVERYONE from beginner to advanced.  All are welcome. 

Inferno Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT or High intensity interval training alternates cardio blasts with sculpting and strengthening movements. If you love cardio and want to tone it up, Inferno I.T. is for you!  This non-stop workout will have you in shape for sure.  Here you will recognize many exercises from pushups, to burpees, to the most basic jumping jack.  And you will be introduced to some you might not have ever seen.  All exercises help keep you strong, confident, and burning calories. 


Inten-SATI is a revolutionary workout fusing high energy aerobics, martial arts, dance, yoga, and strength conditioning.  Spoken affirmations are combined with simple choreography for an exhilarating workout!  This amazing cardio workout is mixed with inspiration that will elevate your spirit and leave you wanting more.  Inten-SATI is great for those who like to get their hearts pumping and leave feeling motivated to take on anything!


This class is high intensity, cardio focused kickboxing. Power Strike is a fat torching and muscle sculpting workout guaranteed to get you into shape. In this class you will learn short combinations of punches, kicks, and blocks.  These powerful combinations will awaken your inner warrior and have you sweating and your heart pumping for 60 minutes.

Other Classes Offered

I am certified to lead several other classes including Urban Rebound, Vinyasa Yoga, Group and individual Kettlebells, TRX, and the H30 interval training system. Contact me for more information.